Hydrometer Tests

I test rums with a hydrometer and include the info in my rum reviews. The objective of this is not to be critical of any specific rum/brand, but to put information into the public domain regarding additives in rums to assist consumers in knowing what is added to their drinks and therefore whether or not the price tag of a bottle is justified. It is not a scientific test carried out in a laboratory nor does it definitively prove that additives in rums exist.

Although I reference “added sugar” it is rarely sugar that is actually the additive in rums. According to Foursquare Master Blender/Owner Richard Seale “usually it’s sweet wines or concentrates which contain sugar. Sugar is just hard to hide.” Either way, something is present that should not be!

I suggest you ask yourself, why has someone added something extra to the rum? The answer is probably because the spirit they have produced is not good enough in the first place, and therefore producers add something to cover up a poor quality distillation and rely on obfuscation. Why is this only a problem with rum? It does not happen with Whisk(e)y for example – you have Drambuie and Southern Comfort, full of added flavours, yet neither are considered to be whiskies. But spices, and other rubbish is added to rums and they are still referred to as rums. In my opinion, so long as we accept this practise and continue to lump in spiced rums alongside proper rums, rum will forever struggle to truly compete at the top of the world of spirits where it rightly belongs.

UPDATED: October 20th 2022 (230 rums on the list currently)

  • Just added: Foursquare Exceptional Cask Selection XXI 2010
  • The rums are listed alphabetically by Brand/Bottler. Scroll down to find the bottle you are looking for.
  • If I have reviewed the rum or the spiced rum liqueur, there is a clickable link in the table.

From May 2022 onwards, I will be adding the dates of the hydrometer tests for reference.
The date is in UK format dd-mm-yy.

Brand/BottlerRumLabel ABVHydro ABVEst. SugarDate of Test
970 Rum Agricola Da Madeira15 Year Old Cask Strength50.9%51%0-5g
970 Rum Agricola Da MadeiraMadeira Wine Cask Finish51.7%51-2%0-5g
970 Rum Agricola Da MadeiraSingle Cask Edition Cask 20 201752.8%53%0-5g
A1710Nuée Ardente44.7%45%0-5g
Ableforth’sRumbullion Spirit Drink42.6%30.8%43g
Ableforth’sRumbullion Navy Strength57%34%103g
Ableforth’s15 Year Old46.2%42%19g05-07-22
AdelphiHampden 15 Year Old54.3%54.3%0-5g
Admiral RodneyOfficer’s Release No.1 Port Finish45%45%0-5g
AlnwickGolden Spiced Rum40%33%26g
Antigua DistilleryVelier “Heavy” Rum66%66%0-5g
Appleton12 Year Old “Rare Blend” Rum43%43%0-5g
AppletonEXCLUSIVE Rum43%43%0-5g
Appleton“Joy” 25 Year Old45%45%0-5g
Appleton30 Year Old (2nd Edition)45%45%0-5g
AppletonMaster Blenders’ Legacy (MBL)43%43%0-5g
BacardiCarta Fuego “Red Spiced Spirit Drink”40%8%98g20-09-22
BacardiFacundo Eximo 10 Year Old40%37%12g
BacardiGran Reserva Limitada Rum40%40%0-5g
BBR18 Year Old Caroni Rum46%46%0-5g
BlackadderBarbados Foursquare 2004 – 10 Year Old64.4%64%0-5g
Black TearsSpiced40%37%12g05-07-22
Black TotFinest Caribbean46.2%46%0-5g
Cadenhead’sGMBV Bellevue Distillery 17 Year Old54.3%54%0-5g
Cane & Bean187040%40%0-5g
Cane IslandBarbados40%40%0-5g
Cane IslandJamaica40%40%0-5g
Chairman’s ReserveLegacy43%43%0-5g
Chairman’s ReserveOriginal40%40%0-5g
Chairman’s ReserveWhite40%40%0-5g
CockspurBalla Black40%34.5%20g20-09-22
Compagnie des IndesBarbados Multi Distilleries 20 Year Old45%45%0-5g
Compagnie des IndesFoursquare 16 Year Old45%45%0-5g
Compagnie des IndesHampden 15 Year Old43%43%0-5g
Compagnie des IndesKaiman46%46%0-5g
Compagnie des IndesSt Lucia 13yo43%43%0-5g
Conde de Cuba15 Anos Rum38%38%0-5g
Dead man’s FingersSpiced37.5%22%49g20-09-22
DiplomáticoReserva Exclusiva40%32%29g05-07-22
DiplomáticoSeleccion de Familia43%37%24g05-07-22
DiplomáticoSingle Vintage 200243%39%16g05-07-22
DiplomáticoSingle Vintage 200443%40%12g05-07-22
DiplomáticoDistillery Collection No. 1 Batch Kettle47%47%0-5g05-07-22
DiplomáticoDistillery Collection No.2 Barbet47%47%0-5g05-07-22
DiplomáticoDistillery Collection No.2 Pot Still47%47%0-5g05-07-22
Domaine de Courcelles1972 (Rhumhouse Edition)54%54%0-5g
Don PapaSmall Batch40%32%29g05-07-22
Don QFinished in Sherry Casks41%41%0-5g
Don QGran Añejo Rum40%40%0-5g
Don QSingle Barrel 200540%40%0-5g
Don QSweet Vermouth Cask “Finish”40%40%0-5g
El Dorado“Rare” Collection Enmore 199356.5%56.5%0-5g
El Dorado“Rare” Collection Port Mourant 199961.4%61.4%0-5g
El Dorado“Rare” Collection Versailles 200263%61%8g
El Dorado12 Year Old40%30%35g
El Dorado15 Year Old (Special Reserve)43%33.5%36.5g
El Dorado15 Year Old MADEIRA DRY Finish43%40.5%10g 
El Dorado15 Year Old MADEIRA SWEET Finish43%40.7%10g 
El Dorado15 Year Old RUBY PORT Finish43%40.5%10g 
El Dorado15 Year Old SAUTERNES Finish43%42%4g
El Dorado15 Year Old WHITE PORT Finish43%40.6%10g 
El Dorado15 Year Old RED WINE Finish43%41%8g
El Dorado21 Year Old 43%34.5%33g
El DoradoEHP (Single Barrel)40%40%0-5g
El DoradoICBU (Single Barrel)40%38%8g
El DoradoPM (Single Barrel)40%40%0-5g
El DoradoEnmore (Ruby Port) 2003 15 Year Old62.1%59%17g
El DoradoEnmore (Sauternes) 2003 15 Year Old62.3%58%22g
El DoradoEnmore 2006 12 Year Old 40%38%8g
English Spirit DistilleryOld Salt Rum42%41.5%0-5g
English Spirit DistillerySt. Piran’s42%42%0-5g
Fair11 Year Old Rum50.7%51%0-5g
Flor de Caña2540%40%0-5g
Foursquare1985 Distilled43%43%0-5g
FoursquareECS I 199840%40%0-5g
FoursquareECS III 200459%59%0-5g
FoursquareECS V Criterion56%56%0-5g
FoursquareECS VI 200559%59%0-5g
FoursquareECS VII Dominus56%56%0-5g
FoursquareECS VIII Premise46%46%0-5g
FoursquareECS XII Nobiliary62%62%0-5g
FoursquareECS XIII 200860%60%0-5g
FoursquareECS XIV Détente (Detente)51%51%0-5g
FoursquareECS XIX Sovereignty62%62%0-5g10-05-22
FoursquareECS XX Isonomy58%58%0-5g31-08-22
FoursquareECS XXI 201060%60%0-5g19-10-22
Foursquare2005 Milano Rum Festival57%57%0-5g
FoursquarePCS TWE Diadem60%60%0-5g
FoursquarePCS TWE Elysium60%48%0-5g09-06-22
FoursquarePCS V and B (V&B)48%48%0-5g
FoursquareRum Sixty Six Cask Strength (Old Edition)59%59%0-5g
Hampden EstatePagos52%52%0-5g17-06-22
Havana Club15 Year Old40%40%0-5g
Havana ClubEdicion A40%40%0-5g
Havana ClubEdicion B40%40%0-5g
Havana ClubSeleccion de Maestros45%45%0-5g
HawksbillCaribbean Spiced38.8%25%45g20-09-22
Jamaica CoveBlack Pineapple40%34%22g05-07-22
Kill DevilGuyana, Enmore 24 Year Old46%46%0-5g
Kill DevilHampden 16 Year Old46%46%0-5g
KintraFoursquare 14 Year Old57.7%57-8%0-5g
KintraWorthy Park 10 Year Old61.8%62%0-5g
La HechiceraBanana Infused Rum41%20%68g
La HechiceraMuscat Cask Finish43%43%0-5g
La HechiceraRum40%40%0-5g
LiverpoolLiverpool Rum43%41.9%4g
MezanTrinidad 200746%46%0-5g
MhobaSelect Agricole Aged 2 1/2 Year Old43%43%0-5g
Mount Gay1703 (Original)43%43%0-5g
Mount GayBlack Barrel (Original)43%43%0-5g
Mount GayPeat Smoke Expression Rum57%57%0-5g
Mount GayXO Triple Cask (2020 Edition)43%43%0-5g
NeissonCuvée du 3ème Millenaire45%45%0-5g
NeissonProfil 10554.2%54%0-5g
Neptune Rum3 Year Old40%40%0-5g
New Dawn TradersNew Dawn Rum42%40%8g
Old JTiki Fire Spiced75.5%66%55g20-09-22
Pineapple GrenadeSpiced/Flavoured65%53%64g20-09-22
Pink PigeonOriginal40%27.5%43g20-09-22
Pirate’s GrogNo. 1340%36%15g05-07-22
PlantationExtrême No. 2: Fiji Islands 16 Year Old61.1%61%0-5g
PlantationExtrême No. 2: Guyana 18 Year Old59.7%60%0-5g
PlantationFiji 200944.8%45%0-5g
PlantationGuatemala & Belize42%36%23g
PlantationHaiti XO41%37%16g
PlantationIsle of Fiji40%36%16g
PlantationJamaica & Guyana 19 Year Old42%37%12g
PlantationM&S Jamaican Rum42%38.2%16g
PlantationPeru 200443.5%42.5%7g
PlantationXaymaca Special Dry Rum43%43%0-5g
Prichard’sPrivate Stock45%45%0-5g
Rhum DepazXO45%45%0-5g
Rhum JMArmagnac Finish41.5%41-2%0-5g
Ron AbueloCenturia40%34%22g
Ron AbueloXV: Cask Finish Oloroso Sherry40%27%44g
Ron AbueloXV: Cask Finish Tawny Port40%28.6%39.5g
Ron AbueloXV: Cask Finish Napoleon Cognac40%29.8%35g
Ron Barcelo30th Anniversary43%38%20g
Ron Centenario30th Anniversary40%24%53g
Ron CentenarioEdicion Limitada 3040%27%44g
Ron ColónSalvadoreño Rum55.5%55-56%0-5g
Ron Los ValientesAñejo Reserva Especial43%43%0-5g
Ron Zacapa2340%36.6%14g
Ron ZacapaXO40%34%22g
Ron ZacapaRoyal45%38%29g
Rum CaskHampden Estate Single Cask 17 Year Old63.2%63%0-5g
Rum Diary BarSpiced Cherry44%34%39g
Rum Diary BarRoyal Fortune57%53.5%18.5g
Rum MaleconRare Proof 1851.7%46%25g
Rum MaleconRare Proof 2048.4%42%29g
Rum MaleconReserva Imperial 21 Years Old40%38%8g
Rum MaleconReserva Imperial 25 Years Old40%38%8g
Ryoma7 Year Old40%40%0-5g
St. Lucia Distilleries1931 First Edition43%43%0-5g
St. Lucia Distilleries1931 Second Edition43%43%0-5g
St. Lucia Distilleries1931 Third Edition43%39%16g
St. Lucia Distilleries1931 Fourth Edition43%43%0-5g
St. Lucia Distilleries1931 Fifth Edition46%46%0-5g
St. Lucia Distilleries1931 Sixth Edition46%46%0-5g
Sailor JerrySpiced40%40%0-5g05-07-22
SalfordDark Spiced40%33.6%24g20-09-22
Sang SomRum40%37%12g
Santa Teresa179640%40%0-5g
SBSBarbados 2008 Rum (Foursquare)55%55%0-5g
Seven FathomsRum40%40%0-5g
Sister IslesReserva Rhum40%37%12g
SMWSR1.4 “Gets the Juices Flowing”66.2%66.2%0-5g
SMWSR6.1 “Spice at the Races”57.3%57-8%0-5g
SMWSR6.2 “My Thai Spice in Bimshire”56.8%57%0-5g
SMWSR7.1 “Welcome to Jamrock”54%54%0-5g
SMWSR8.1: “A Tot In The Workshop”57.5%57.5%0-5g
SMWSR8.2: “The Hunt Master Before Lunch”57.5%57.5%0-5g
SMWSR8.3 “Fruit and Nut Case”55%55%0-5g
SMWSR8.4: “Campfire in Nicaragua”57.5%57.5%0-5g
SMWSR9.1: “Music For Rockers of Rum”61.8%60%10g
SMWSR9.2 “Paddington Bear’s First Sip”62%62%0-5g
SMWSR11.1: “Spicy Sweet Goodness”57.5%57.5%0-5g
SMWSR11.2 “Absolutely Fabulous”57.5%57.5%0-5g
Soggy DollarIsland Spiced35%33.5%5g20-09-22
Sparrow’sPremium Aged Rum40%40%0-5g
St. AbbsCaptain’s Table XO40%38%8g
St. AbbsWhite40%40%0-5g
St. Nicholas Abbey5 Year Old40%40%0-5g
St. Nicholas Abbey5 Year Old Cask Strength60%60%0-5g
St. Nicholas Abbey8 Year Old40%40%0-5g
St. Nicholas Abbey10 Year Old40%40%0-5g
St. Nicholas Abbey12 Year Old40%40%0-5g03-06-22
St. Nicholas Abbey12 Year Old Rare “Lost Barrel 10”40%40%0-5g03-06-22
St. Nicholas Abbey15 Year Old40%40%0-5g
St. Nicholas Abbey18 Year Old40%40%0-5g
St. Nicholas Abbey20 Year Old40%40%0-5g03-06-22
St. Nicholas Abbey23 Year Old40%40%0-5g03-06-22
TanduayDouble Rum40%40%19g23-05-22
The DuchessMartinique 15 Year Old61%61%0-5g
The DuchessBarbados 13 Year Old (Foursquare)59%59%0-5g
The LashSpiced35%22%39g20-09-22
Three TidesSmoked Demerara40%40%0-5g20-09-22
UltimatumFoursquare Rum 3 Year Old46%46%0-5g
VelierRoyal Navy Very Old Rum57.18%57-8%0-5g
Virgin Holiday SpiritRum40%40%0-5g
Whisky Broker16 Year Old Rum at WIRD57.6%57-8%0-5g
William Hinton3 Year Old40%36.4%0-5g
William HintonGold40%40%0-5g
William HintonLisbon Fortified Wine Cask42%42%0-5g
William HintonMadeira Cask Finish42%39.6%10g
William HintonMaldita Beer Cask42%42%0-5g
William HintonPortuguese Fortified Wine Cask Finish42%42%0-5g
William HintonWhisky Cask Finish42%42%0-5g
William HintonWhite40%40%0-5g
World’s EndSpiced40%25%50g05-07-22
Worthy ParkSeries #2 Oloroso Cask Finish59%59%0-5g
Worthy ParkSeries #3 Sherry Cask57%57%0-5g
Worthy ParkSeries #4 Madeira Cask58%58%0-5g
Worthy ParkSeries #5 Port Cask56%56%0-5g
Worthy ParkSeries ??? Virgin Oak55%55%0-5g
Worthy ParkSingle Estate Reserve45%45%0-5g

I would also like to say thanks to Wes who originally suggested to me to get a hydrometer for testing rums, back in 2016.

I followed Johnny Drejer’s guidelines, as stated on his Drecon web site.

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