Guardians of Rum

The photo above shows me alongside Richard Seale, proudly wearing my Guardians of Rum badge (on my right side).


“The Guardians of Rum is a movement conceived during the visit of Luca Gargano (Velier) and Richard Seale (Foursquare) with the Harris/Hussey Family at the iconic Hampden Estate in Jamaica in 2016.

Those who wear the badge are committed to preserving a place in today’s rum world for pure rum and traditional methods.

Do not ask for a badge.

Earn it.”


Guardians of Rum.

What we are about:

– Promoting artisanal over industrial scale – something already inherent the law of the EU for whisky and Brandy.
– Distinguishing traditional methods over modern (20th century) developments – the kind of changes forbidden in EU law for many other spirits but have occurred for better or worse in rum.
– Promoting transparent age statements over sleight of hand – something already required by law in the EU/USA but not enforced in rum.
– Promoting pure rum over doctored rum (added wine, flavourings etc) – something already required by EU law but poorly enforced.
– Celebrating rum’s diversity – but a diversity from the sugar cane not a suite of flavours in the hands of a “master blender.”

What we are NOT about:

– Arguing between countries about the ‘definition of rum’ – it is normal for spirits to have different definitions – e,g. American v Scotch Whisky – what is important is the law where it is sold and recognition of a GI where applicable.
– Demanding uniformity. The greatest diversity is found in the producers who adhere to all of the above principles.


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RumShopBoy’s “Guardians of Rum” Badge