Cadenhead’s GMBV Bellevue Distillery 17yo

Cadenhead’s GMBV Bellevue Distillery 17yo REVIEW


Liverpool Rum

Liverpool Rum: Distilled in Trinidad, finished in Liverpool

El Dorado EHP (Single Barrel)

El Dorado EHP (Single Barrel) REVIEW

El Dorado

El Dorado Reviews:
– Luxury Cask-Aged Rums
– Connoisseur Range
– Rare Collection
– 15yo Cask Finishes

Duncan Taylor Epris 16yo (1999, Cask 3)

Duncan Taylor Epris 16yo (1999, Cask 3) Brazil 47.5% £63 Rum – rum from a traditional column still. ABV Hydrometer Test: 47-48% ABV @ 20° * C Duncan Taylor are one of a growing number of Scotch producers that are trying their hands at rum ageing and bottling. Based in Aberdeenshire, Duncan Taylor proudly display… Continue reading Duncan Taylor Epris 16yo (1999, Cask 3)

El Dorado seminar with Shaun Caleb 

Tasting the El Dorado 3yo, 5yo, 8yo, 12yo, 15yo and 21yo. Shaun Caleb 3yo blend of two rums from the Savalle still, double charcoal filtered. Coconut , almond and vanilla aromas. A little too fiery initially when tasted, but softens shortly afterwards followed by more burn as you swallow. 5yo from EHP Coffey still and… Continue reading El Dorado seminar with Shaun Caleb 

Mount Gay Tasting: RumFest 2016

  “There’s a time and a place”…..SOMEWHERE 😉 Mount Gay claim the title of oldest rum producer in the world dating back to 1703. But the brand has only actually existed for about 100years. Mount Gay Master Distiller Alan Smith (above). He explained that if you eat enough molasses it puts lead in your pencil… Continue reading Mount Gay Tasting: RumFest 2016