Why does RumShopBoy.com exist?

To evaluate, discuss and promote the most diverse, widely produced and generally misunderstood drink in the world: RUM | RON | RHUM.

Rum is more than just something you throw into a glass with a bit of coke. It goes way beyond the sweet, sugary fruity cocktails. It is more than just a pirate-based rogue drink. It is the finest, most interesting tipple IN THE WORLD!

Having been inspired by visits to Rumfest, my first was in 2010, along with the passion of Master Blender’s/Distillers such as Foursquare Master Blender/Distiller Richard Seale, it is every rum drinker’s responsibility to pass on the message about rum being badly categorised and therefore misunderstood. The rum category needs to rise up beyond fancy marketing, dodgy age-statements and bucket-loads of hidden post-distillation additives to become a true competitor to fine brandy and whisky at the top of the spirit world. As a result, all of my reviews and opinions include a reference to the re-categorisation of rum proposed by Velier’s Luca Gargano and Foursquare’s Richard Seale:

Pure Single Rum: Batch distillation from a pot still
Single Blended Rum: A blend of only pot still and traditional column still.
Rum: Rum from a traditional column still.
Industrial/Modern Rum: Modern multi-column still.

As this is still a work in progress, it is sometimes not always straight forward to slot a rum into the correct category. I have attempted to place each rum in the category to which I think it belongs.

Furthermore, it is an important mission to educate uninformed rum drinkers regarding the additives commonly found in rums such as glycerine, caramel, cask remnants (i.e. left over Sherry in a Sherry cask added) and of course extra sugar. Many people are under the impression that rum is sweet or is too sweet – if that is the case, then you are judging a rum incorrectly as rum has no more sugar in it than any other distillate. Know what you are drinking!!!

I do not like sugar or other additives being added to rum, post distillation/post-ageing.
I DO have a problem with not being told about it by the distillers and brands.
Consumers need to demand the rums are labelled correctly so that they can be evaluated for what they are, not what they try or pretend to be.

More than any other reason…..I just love drinking rum and want to pass on my experience and any knowledge to the rest of the rum drinking world. I am not a distiller, master blender or chemist. I have a reasonably good understanding of rum productions and techniques but I am by no means knowledgeable about everything to do with rum. The opinions on my web site are just that…OPINIONS on what I think about the rums I drink.

Enjoy rum!

RumShopBoy is a Guardian of Rum