Ron Centenario 30th Anniversary 

New version of the Centenario “30” to celebrate 30th anniversary of Centenario. Due for release in mid-November.

Vanilla,  light oak and banana aromas. VERY sticky in the glass (too much sugar, glycerine and caramel).

Very smooth on the palate but too sweet.

Nice flavours, dessert in a glass but as it is essentially a multi column industrial still with Solera “ageing”, the price point is way too high and the product should not really be called rum.

Appleton 12yo for £28 is amazing. It’s difficult to argue in favour of Centenario 25 at £80-90 or the 30 at £130 by comparison.

Sorry guys…I enjoy drinking it after dinner in place of dessert, but it isn’t really rum, it’s a liquor.
You need to drop the added sugar, too!

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