Spiced / Flavoured “Rum” and Additives

Spiced / Flavoured “Rum” and Additives: What is the fuss about spiced rum?
Does the image of rum have a problem?
Did someone say “undisclosed additives”?

23 spiced/flavoured rums are reviewed, too.

Ron Zacapa Royal

Review of Ron Zacapa Royal.

Marketing bullsh*t? Additives? Artesanal?


Ron Centenario 30th Anniversary 

New version of the Centenario “30” to celebrate 30th anniversary of Centenario. Due for release in mid-November. Vanilla,  light oak and banana aromas. VERY sticky in the glass (too much sugar, glycerine and caramel). Very smooth on the palate but too sweet. Nice flavours, dessert in a glass but as it is essentially a multi… Continue reading Ron Centenario 30th Anniversary