La Hechicera Banana Infused Rum

Banana infused rum from La Hechicera in Colombia.

If you love bananas and rum, this is as good as it gets!

Ron Centenario Edicion Limitada 30

Costa Rican Ron. Solera ageing upto 30 years.
Worth the £120-140 price tag?

Ron Zacapa Royal

Review of Ron Zacapa Royal.

Marketing bullsh*t? Additives? Artesanal?

La Hechicera

La Hechicera: REVIEW of Columbian rum. And a detailed look at all of the component rums that make up the final blend.


Ron Abuelo XV: Cask Finishes

Ron Abuelo XV: Cask Finishes: REVIEW Abuelo’s XV range.

Santa Teresa 1796 (Updated November 2018)

REVIEW of Santa Teresa 1796 (Updated September 2018).

When is a distillery NOT a distillery?

Speaking as a rum drinker, taster, enthusiast, crazy person… me what you like in this regards, if I get the chance to try a new rum, I jump at the chance. This counts double when the chance to go and visit an actual distillery is offered as not only do you get to try the… Continue reading When is a distillery NOT a distillery?