The Rum Show 2022

The Rum Show 2022: c/o The Whisky Exchange

My Friday afternoon visit.

La Hechicera Banana Infused Rum

Banana infused rum from La Hechicera in Colombia.

If you love bananas and rum, this is as good as it gets!

Lockdown Rums

Lockdown Rums

Fancy some rum while we are drinking at home?
Try these…..

La Hechicera Rum Muscat Cask Finish

La Hechicera Serie Experimental No.1 The Muscat Experiment

A rather tasty tipple!

La Hechicera

La Hechicera: REVIEW of Columbian rum. And a detailed look at all of the component rums that make up the final blend.


Imbibe 2017: A Rum Drinker’s Perspective

Imbibe 2017: A Rum Drinker’s Perspective

Think Rum: REVIEW

Think Rum REVIEW and comments on the rum category’s future.

Dictador: Best Of…..1981

Dictador: Best Of…..1981 Colombia 44% €140 (£126, October 2016) Single Blended Rum – a blend of only pot still and traditional column still ABV Hydrometer Test: ? * B S In 1913 Don Julio Arango y Parra founded Destileria Colombiana, producers of Dictador ron. Based in Cartagena Colombia, Dictador produces gin, cigars and coffee as well as… Continue reading Dictador: Best Of…..1981