Spiced / Flavoured “Rum” and Additives

Spiced / Flavoured “Rum” and Additives: What is the fuss about spiced rum?
Does the image of rum have a problem?
Did someone say “undisclosed additives”?

23 spiced/flavoured rums are reviewed, too.

Ron Centenario Edicion Limitada 30

Costa Rican Ron. Solera ageing upto 30 years.
Worth the £120-140 price tag?


Lockdown Rums

Lockdown Rums

Fancy some rum while we are drinking at home?
Try these…..


Rum Diary Bar “Spiced Cherry” and “Royal Fortune” Rums

REVIEW of Rum Diary Bar “Spiced Cherry” and “Royal Fortune” Rums from Australia.


Ableforth’s Rumbullion Spirit Drink

REVIEW of Ableforth’s Rumbullion Spirit Drink.

If you love sugar and don’t want a lot of rum flavours in your drink, try this. If you like rum, AVOID IT!


Imbibe 2017: A Rum Drinker’s Perspective

Imbibe 2017: A Rum Drinker’s Perspective

Alnwick Golden Spiced Rum

Alnwick Golden Spiced Rum REVIEW