Guardians of Rum

I am very proud and honoured to be one of the “Guardians of Rum.” Bestowed upon those in the Rum community who appreciate and adore genuine artisanally produced rum. Thank you Richard Seale for this honour.     Advertisements


Nice to chat with the very lovely Jonathan who is a very passionate brand ambassador for Botran. Also great to meet Jesus Morasso, Botran Director Europe. Had a nice tasting of the white and 18yo Creamy white rum. Very smooth and dry but not a huge flavour profile. I’m not a lover of white rum… Continue reading Botran 

Angostura Rum

New rum in December aged 15years. Full on vanilla with lots of spice and some sweetness. Soft oak finish.

Plantation Rum

Warning: explicit language below. 2004 St. Lucia Tastes just like 1931. Lots of spice and saltiness. Toffee and oak. Not too sweet,  great value at £30-35. Old Fashioned Traditional Dark (OFTD). aka: Oh F*ck That’s Delicious (OFTD). Really potent but full on flavour profile. Lots of pot still Jamaican kick, some Guyana juice and Bajan… Continue reading Plantation Rum

1941 Myers’s 40% ABV 

Pot still with rich orange and spice along with some wood. Incredibly rich and smooth. The finish lasts forever…

Hampden 2010 LROK Pure Single Rum and Foursquare 2013

Velier at RumFest2016

Ron Centenario 30th Anniversary 

New version of the Centenario “30” to celebrate 30th anniversary of Centenario. Due for release in mid-November. Vanilla,  light oak and banana aromas. VERY sticky in the glass (too much sugar, glycerine and caramel). Very smooth on the palate but too sweet. Nice flavours, dessert in a glass but as it is essentially a multi… Continue reading Ron Centenario 30th Anniversary