El Dorado seminar with Shaun Caleb 

Tasting the El Dorado 3yo, 5yo, 8yo, 12yo, 15yo and 21yo.

Shaun Caleb

3yo blend of two rums from the Savalle still, double charcoal filtered.

Coconut , almond and vanilla aromas. A little too fiery initially when tasted, but softens shortly afterwards followed by more burn as you swallow.

5yo from EHP Coffey still and French Savalle still.

Hints of sweetness, orange and aromatics. Light oak aromas. Superbly smooth and dry initially. The flavours develop as you swirl it around your mouth. Caramel and dry spice appears and the finish is light but with a nice bit of fire.

8yo EHP Wooden Coffey still, French Savalle still.

Fresh citrus fruit and floral aromas with light sweet notes. Oak and leather are present too. Extremely smooth…it is a delight to sip with subtle caramel followed by a very quick, short finish. Take a second swig and there is a nice balance between sweet and bitter. Tannins are abundant making you want to grind your teeth especially as it becomes quite dry.

12yo EHP Wooden Coffey still and metal Coffey still.

Orange and banana aromas. Quite sweet. Incredibly smooth but also overly sweet. Toffee, oak and leather. The finish adds a welcome dryness.

15yo PM Double wooden pot still, VSG Single wooden pot still, EHP Wooden Coffey still, Metal Coffey still.

Toffee and oak initially followed by orange and spice. Orange and vanilla flavours with light wood/oak. Very smooth, a hint of fire and smoke. The finish continues to please…really stunning.

21yo VSG Single wooden pot still, EHP Wooden Coffey still French Savalle still.

Chocolate and smoky tobacco and heavily spiced aromas. Velvety smooth start with lots of caramel or butterscotch flavours. It lingers nicely and develops some orange fruit, long lingering dryness and complex nutty and aromatic notes. The finish is dry, complex and smooth. Additional tannins appear.

Thank you Shaun for a great El Dorado presentation at Rumfest 2016.

My El Dorado collection:

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