La Hechicera

La Hechicera: REVIEW of Columbian rum. And a detailed look at all of the component rums that make up the final blend.


Plantation Peru 2004 Rum

REVIEW of “Plantation Peru 2004” 14 year old multi-column Rum.

Conde de Cuba 15 Anos Rum

REVIEW of Conde de Cuba 15 Anos Rum.

Modern 38% rum aged for 15 years.

SMWS R8.2: “The Hunt Master Before Lunch”

SMWS R8.2: “The Hunt Master Before Lunch”

REVIEW of SMWS’s Nicaraguan 18yo single cask rum.

SMWS R9.1: “Music For Rockers of Rum”

SMWS R9.1: “Music For The Hard Rockers of Rum”

REVIEW of SMWS’s single cask rum from Panama.

SMWS R8.4: “Campfire in Nicaragua”

SMWS R8.4: “Autumn Campfire in Nicaragua”

REVIEW of SMWS’s Nicaraguan single cask rum.

SMWS R8.1: “A Tot In The Workshop”

SMWS R8.1: “A Tot In The Workshop”

REVIEW of SMWS’s Nicaraguan single cask rum.