Sparrow’s Premium Aged Rum

Sparrow’s Premium Aged Rum REVIEW:

Cadenhead’s GMBV Bellevue Distillery 17yo

Cadenhead’s GMBV Bellevue Distillery 17yo REVIEW

Liverpool Rum

Liverpool Rum: Distilled in Trinidad, finished in Liverpool

El Dorado ICBU (Single Barrel)

El Dorado ICBU (Single Barrel) REVIEW

El Dorado EHP (Single Barrel)

El Dorado EHP (Single Barrel) REVIEW

El Dorado “Rare” Collection: Enmore 1993

El Dorado “Rare” Collection: Enmore 1993 Guyana 56.5% £170 Rum – rum from a traditional column still. * C ABV Hydrometer Test: 56.5% ABV @ 20° Click HERE for all El Dorado reviews. El Dorado’s foray into the world of unblended, additive-free, single marque rums is in the form of three offerings in their “Rare” Collection:… Continue reading El Dorado “Rare” Collection: Enmore 1993

El Dorado

El Dorado Reviews:
– Luxury Cask-Aged Rums
– Connoisseur Range
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