SMWS R9.1: “Music For Rockers of Rum”

SMWS R9.1: “Music For The Hard Rockers of Rum”

REVIEW of SMWS’s single cask rum from Panama.


Mhoba Rum

REVIEW of MHOBA Rum – A Pure Single Agricole Rum from South Africa.

SMWS R8.4: “Campfire in Nicaragua”

SMWS R8.4: “Autumn Campfire in Nicaragua”

REVIEW of SMWS’s Nicaraguan single cask rum.

SMWS R8.1: “A Tot In The Workshop”

SMWS R8.1: “A Tot In The Workshop”

REVIEW of SMWS’s Nicaraguan single cask rum.

St. Lucia Distillers 1931: Sixth Edition

St. Lucia Distillers: Sixth Edition.

REVIEW of the final edition in the 1931 range.

SMWS R7.1: “Welcome to Jamrock”

SMWS R7.1: “Welcome to Strawberry Jamrock. Yeah Mon” REVIEW of SMWS’s latest Jamaican single cask rum (from Hampden).

SMWS R6.2: “My Thai Spice in Bimshire”

SMWS R6.2: “My Thai Spice in Bimshire” REVIEW of SMWS’s latest Bajan single cask rum.