Chairman’s Reserve Original

Writing about a modern classic, Chairman’s Reserve Original whilst visiting its home, Saint Lucia.

Foursquare Exceptional Cask Selection XIV “Détente” (Detente)

Foursquare’s ECS XIV “Détente.” A superb rum aged in ex-Bourbon and ex-Port Casks. Way too easy to drink!

Foursquare Private Cask Selection “Diadem”

Catching up on a couple of Foursquare releases starting with The Whisky Exchange’s Private Cask Selection “Diadem”.

William Hinton: Lisbon Fortified Wine Cask

William Hinton Agricole Rum – finished in Lisbon Fortified Wine Cask (Carcavelos).

A very special rum from Madeira.

Rum 970: 15yo Cask Strength (Pure Single Agricole Rum)

Rum 970: 15yo Cask Strength (Pure Single Agricole Rum)

Review of batch distilled agricole, aged for a minimum of 15 years in Madeira and presented at 50.9%.

Foursquare 2008

Foursquare’s ECS XIII “2008”. 60% ABV – an instant classic!

Foursquare 12 Year Old Private Cask Selection / V and B

An exclusive Private Cask Selection of Foursquare rum to warm up for ECS XIII “2008”

Neisson Cuvée du 3ème Millenaire

An exceptional rhum from Neisson.

Black Tot Finest Caribbean

Black Tot Finest Caribbean celebrates the end of the historic naval tradition.

How does it tot up?

Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rum

Rum from El Salvador blended with Jamaican pot still and presented at 55.5%.