SMWS R6.1 “Spice at the Races”

SMWS R6.1 “Spice at the Races” REVIEW

Sparrow’s Premium Aged Rum

Sparrow’s Premium Aged Rum REVIEW:

Appleton “Joy” 25yo

Appleton “Joy” 25yo REVIEW:

Mezan: Trinidad 2007

Mezan: Trinidad 2007 REVIEW

Ryoma Rum 7yo

Ryoma Rum: 7yo REVIEW

Imbibe 2017: A Rum Drinker’s Perspective

Imbibe 2017: A Rum Drinker’s Perspective

Manchester Rum Festival 

RUM AT THE READY FOR MANCHESTER’S FIRST! After many months of waiting, Manchester’s inaugural Rum Festival is finally about to start.  June 3rd’s eagerly awaited event will see multiple rum brands come together for a day of rum tasting and frivolities at Revolución de Cuba.  In addition to sampling the many fine rums available it… Continue reading Manchester Rum Festival