SMWS R1.4 “Gets the Juices Flowing”

SMWS R1.4 “Gets the Juices Flowing” REVIEW

Kintra Worthy Park 10Y

Kintra Worthy Park 10Y REVIEW

Prichard’s Private Stock

Prichard’s Private Stock REVIEW

Kintra Foursquare 14Y

Kintra Foursquare 14Y REVIEW

Kill Devil Hampden 16yo

Kill Devil Hampden 16yo REVIEW

El Dorado PM (Single Barrel)

El Dorado PM (Single Barrel) REVIEW

El Dorado “Rare” Collection: Port Mourant 1999

El Dorado “Rare” Collection: Port Mourant 1999 Guyana 61.4% £170 Pure Single Rum – 100% Pot Still * P ABV Hydrometer Test: 61.5% ABV @ 20° Click HERE for all El Dorado reviews. El Dorado’s foray into the world of unblended, additive-free, single marque rums is in the form of three offerings in their “Rare” Collection:… Continue reading El Dorado “Rare” Collection: Port Mourant 1999