Ron Centenario 30th Anniversary 

New version of the Centenario “30” to celebrate 30th anniversary of Centenario. Due for release in mid-November. Vanilla,  light oak and banana aromas. VERY sticky in the glass (too much sugar, glycerine and caramel). Very smooth on the palate but too sweet. Nice flavours, dessert in a glass but as it is essentially a multi… Continue reading Ron Centenario 30th Anniversary 

Don Q 2005 Limited Edition 

Dry, long finish. Stunning. Lots of tannins and dry wood. This is absolutely fantastic. Honest rum produced in the right way by a very passionate Master Blender, Roberto Serralles. I had a lovely chat at Rumfest… This is really great rum. Also had a sneak preview and tasting of their new 2007 single barrel coming… Continue reading Don Q 2005 Limited Edition 

Arehucas: Capitán Kidd Ron

Arehucas: Capitán Kidd Ron Gran Canaria 40% €95.50 (December 2015) Industrial Rum – from a modern multi column still. ABV Hydrometer Test: ? * M Capitán Kidd is the jewel in the crown of all Arehucas Rums. Well, that is the description from Destilerias Arehucas, the Spanish name for the Arehucas distillery in Arucas, Gran Canaria.… Continue reading Arehucas: Capitán Kidd Ron

Ron Cartavio XO

Ron Cartavio XO Peru 40% £67 Industrial Rum – from a modern multi column still. ABV Hydrometer Test: ? * M S Peru is not somewhere that you would associate with rum production, unless of course as you spend more time drinking different rums, you learn that just about everywhere in the world produces rum… Continue reading Ron Cartavio XO