Velier tasting 2 @ RumFest 2016

Unfortunately all RumFest tasting sessions run late and today is no exception. Ian Burrell’s rare rums talk overran although it was a great tasting so that’s not a problem.

I’m quite excited as this is my first Velier session at Rumfest. I’ve long been a fan of Velier’s bottlings…I’ve just bought two bottles of the Foursquare 2006 expression.

Not sure what to expect though… Maybe some molasses rums but also expect some agricoles. Not being a fan of agricultural rhum this will be a different experience. Let’s hope the hype is worth it.

1 Worthy Park 2005, 58% from Jamaica.

Wow…very strong aromas, distinct pot still profile. Lots of oak and spice. Very long finish and lots of afterburn.

2 Foursquare 2006, 62% Single Blended Rum. Stunning!

3 Hampden HLCF, 2010, 68.5%

Toffee and caramel aromas. Slight hints of oak. 550mg esters made with natural wild yeast. Amazingly powerful rum but not at all rough. Despite the ABV it is not overly strong. Really amazing tastes of toffee and Jamaican spice. Wow.

4 White agricultural rhum from Haiti.

Overpowering agricultural grassy aromas. Not to my liking. Whilst it is smooth and of course made in the right way, it has that unmistakable agricultural profile that does not impress me. To be fair it is smooth and slips down well. Little afterburn but very dry with distinct tannins. But it is surprising that it is a white rhum but tastes like a golden, aged rum.

Luca Gargano is an Italian version of Richard Seale. Very passionate and articulate.

A pleasure to chat with this guy.

RumFest 2016

RumFest 2016: SATURDAY

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