Nottingham Rum Festival (February 25th, 2017)

Nottingham Rum Festival (February 25th, 2017)

The first rum festival of an exciting year in the UK rum world is coming to Nottingham very soon. A dozen or so travelling rum festivals in the UK in 2017 are being organised by‘s Lucy Douglas, premiering in Nottingham on February 24th and 25th.

Paraphrasing Lucy’s own words, having seen other drink categories have events and festivals, Lucy saw an opportunity to bring the fun world of rum to a wider audience. These rum events are for everyone, from cocktail lovers to spiced “rum” drinkers through to the pure rummies such as myself. Or even anyone who just wants to experience a party atmosphere inspired by rum! Over 100 rums will be showcased along with “live entertainment and dancing; talks from rum industry experts, tasty food to buy and above all lots of fun.”

From a personal point of view, I am always excited at anyone doing something positive to promote the wonderful world of rum. In my opinion, the most widely misunderstood and misrepresented category in the drink’s world.

It is with this in mind that on Saturday 25th, both during the afternoon and evening sessions, I will be holding an informal chat, discussion and rum tasting. My session will seek to discuss and promote rum’s position in the spirit world along with putting forward the re-categorisation for rum’s future. Expect a few comments regarding additives, marketing b*llsh*t and proper rum to be mentioned. But also expect to be able to taste some very nice rums indeed.

I look forward to seeing you there on Saturday 25th February. Come and say “hello”…I will be wearing my black RumShopBoy polo shirt.

Location: Studio 7, University of Nottingham, Kings Meadow Campus, Lenton Lane, Nottingham, NG7 2NR.

Click HERE for Tickets


Friday 24th: Evening Session: 6.30pm – 11.30pm

Saturday 25th: Afternoon Session 12.30pm – 5pm
Saturday 25th: Evening Session 6.30pm – 11.30pm


Here is a link to the FACEBOOK PAGE with event details.



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