RumFest 2016 (Saturday)


Live blogging from RumFest 2016 (Saturday)

One hour till RumFest starts. Going to be a busy day attending several seminars including Ian Burrell’s rare rums, Velier, Mount Gay and El Dorado. 

Also looking forward to meeting more rum producers and of course tasting new rums.



Rare rum tasting with Ian Burrell 

Rum 1 a 1980’s 5yo Havana Club. Not bad, but not worth £200 / bottle.
2003 Tricentennial Mount Gay…£750 / bottle

Mount Gay Tricentennial…Silky smooth, toffee and oak, aged upto 40years. Long finish with hints of dry leather.
A rum from the 1860’s. French from an unknown source. Smells and tastes like whisky initially. Gets better towards the back of the mouth and very smooth finish. 

Onto my favourite rum…Appleton Master Blenders’ Legacy. Wicked! 1,400 bottles produced.
Rum 5…San Cristobel Havana Club. Very dry aroma, hint of caramel and spice. Silky smooth with limited initial flavour that develops more complexity. 2,000 bottles produced at £250-£300 each.

Finally the Rumfest rum of the show. Velier Foursquare 2006, £110 / bottle. 62%. 2,400 bottles worldwide. 

Amazing aromas, toffee and gentle spice. Subtle orange.

Stunning flavour, very warming but not fiery despite the 62% ABV. Smooth and long finish. Beautiful. 

Thanks to Ian Burrell for the rare rums talk.

Nice Havana Club tasting. 

Having tasted dozens of rums worth thousands of pounds, day 1 of Rumfest proper has come to an end.

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